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Saturday, 4 June 2011

Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 7 "You Win Or You Die" Review

The King is dead, long live the King! Ugh, I feel sick saying that, because there really isn't a worse sight than seeing that blonde haired cretin Geoffrey sitting on the throne. What started off as a slow enough episode became one of the most exciting to date, with some great twists and a fantastic cliffhanger, I really can't foretell where the show is heading but I don't mind I'm just sitting back and enjoying the ride!

Like I said, this episode does start off slow, but we get two great character scenes, between Jaime and the elusive Tywin Lannister and between Ned and Cersei. Tywin doesn't particulary give a good first impression of himself, he's a cold and calculating man and despite my better judgement I felt sorry for Jaime, it can't be nice being told your a disappointment as a son. Tywin doesn't give a damn about his family, he loves the name of the family and what it stands for but not the family itself. He is an interesting man, and there is definitely an aura of command about him so I'm looking forward to seeing more of him! 

You knew shit was going to go down when Ned straight out told Cersei he knew about her 'relationship' with Jaime and that he knew they tried to kill Bran. There was some great tension here, and it was nice setup for the rest of the episode, especially the ending. I think its strange that he didn't tell anyone else about it that he trusted though, especially Robert who could possibly have changed how things ended up.

Speaking of Robert I'm sorry to see him go, he was a flawed individual, and a terrible King but I did like him, there was a good man there once and there still was deep down. What actually surprised me the most was the scene with Robert and Geoffrey, it actually looked like Robert cared about him and Geoffrey returned those feelings, considering we hadn't ever seen them interact it was an interesting development and for a moment there it made Geoffrey seem more human. His last conversation with Ned was great and I was glad to see him show some mercy regarding Daenerys and admitting that he hopes Geoffrey will be a better King then he ever was. It was a moving ending for a flawed and interesting character which will undoubtedly have repercussions for the rest of the series.

I was really happy to see Snow and Sam again, even if their scenes weren't as good as they were in previous episodes. Sam did a great job to get Snow to stay after he wasn't selected as a ranger and them swearing the oaths was a nice moment. It wasn't very exciting but with Snow's uncle missing and that bloody hand it looks like things will be getting very interesting for the two lads.

Littlefinger is easily the vilest and most despicable character on the show. His scene with the prostitutes gives us some insight into his character. He's a man who wants to win at all costs, someone who prefers lies and deceit rather than direct conflict to achieve his goals. When he admits he doesn't think Catelyn is beautiful at all this more than anything shows that he does not take losing well, he's not after love or happiness, he just wants everything the world can offer him at any cost. He makes for a great villain though and he's always fun to watch.

Watching Daenerys and her plans to regain her old lands, you can't help but think maybe Robert was right the first time and they should have killed her. She's power-hungry, ambitious and more than anything wants to return her families name to former glories. It was pretty obvious where the story with her was going though as soon as they tried to get Jorah out of the way. I don't understand how the poisoner was just waiting there though, she could have easily passed without getting any wine or she could have missed him altogether. Nevertheless it served its purpose in that we get to see Khal Drago have what at first looked like a spas attack but which turned out to be a pretty impressive speech, which showed both his love for Daenerys and his love of war. I can't wait to see the two sides clash, it should definitely make for compelling viewing.

What about that ending though, fantastic! Ned's nobility throughout the episode, trying to ensure the King's rightful heir ascends the throne (even if he is hated by all) and his blunt, straightforward manner come back to bite him big time. He once again showed how unsuited he is to the lying, backstabbing and intrigue of Kings Landing as he is deceived by none other than Littlefinger, the snake! Whatever Ned was doing trusting him, I'll never know but what a great moment when he stuck the knife to Ned's neck and told him 'I told you, you shouldn't have trusted me'. I honestly didn't see it coming and when a show has the ability to surprise you like that even when it's obvious, you know it's great! Like I said I hated seeing that monster Geoffrey sitting on the throne with his conniving bitch of a mother beside him. Poor Ned, I hope he survives this and with any luck the Lannisters (except Tyrion of course) will get what's coming to them.

It started slow, but finished with a bang, once again Game of Thrones continues to enthrall and surprise. I'll be genuinely sad when this season ends because it has made for fantastic television so far and it's without a doubt my favorite new show. I get the feeling that things will get even more exciting though, I'm going to predict great times ahead for all fans of the show and I know I won't be disappointed!

Review Score: 8.5/10

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