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Saturday, 4 June 2011

South Park Season 15 Episode 6 "City Sushi" Review

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Review Score: 5.5/10

South Park Season 15 Episode 5 "Crack Baby Athletic Association" Review

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Review Score: 7.5/10

Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 7 "You Win Or You Die" Review

The King is dead, long live the King! Ugh, I feel sick saying that, because there really isn't a worse sight than seeing that blonde haired cretin Geoffrey sitting on the throne. What started off as a slow enough episode became one of the most exciting to date, with some great twists and a fantastic cliffhanger, I really can't foretell where the show is heading but I don't mind I'm just sitting back and enjoying the ride!

Like I said, this episode does start off slow, but we get two great character scenes, between Jaime and the elusive Tywin Lannister and between Ned and Cersei. Tywin doesn't particulary give a good first impression of himself, he's a cold and calculating man and despite my better judgement I felt sorry for Jaime, it can't be nice being told your a disappointment as a son. Tywin doesn't give a damn about his family, he loves the name of the family and what it stands for but not the family itself. He is an interesting man, and there is definitely an aura of command about him so I'm looking forward to seeing more of him! 

You knew shit was going to go down when Ned straight out told Cersei he knew about her 'relationship' with Jaime and that he knew they tried to kill Bran. There was some great tension here, and it was nice setup for the rest of the episode, especially the ending. I think its strange that he didn't tell anyone else about it that he trusted though, especially Robert who could possibly have changed how things ended up.

Speaking of Robert I'm sorry to see him go, he was a flawed individual, and a terrible King but I did like him, there was a good man there once and there still was deep down. What actually surprised me the most was the scene with Robert and Geoffrey, it actually looked like Robert cared about him and Geoffrey returned those feelings, considering we hadn't ever seen them interact it was an interesting development and for a moment there it made Geoffrey seem more human. His last conversation with Ned was great and I was glad to see him show some mercy regarding Daenerys and admitting that he hopes Geoffrey will be a better King then he ever was. It was a moving ending for a flawed and interesting character which will undoubtedly have repercussions for the rest of the series.

I was really happy to see Snow and Sam again, even if their scenes weren't as good as they were in previous episodes. Sam did a great job to get Snow to stay after he wasn't selected as a ranger and them swearing the oaths was a nice moment. It wasn't very exciting but with Snow's uncle missing and that bloody hand it looks like things will be getting very interesting for the two lads.

Littlefinger is easily the vilest and most despicable character on the show. His scene with the prostitutes gives us some insight into his character. He's a man who wants to win at all costs, someone who prefers lies and deceit rather than direct conflict to achieve his goals. When he admits he doesn't think Catelyn is beautiful at all this more than anything shows that he does not take losing well, he's not after love or happiness, he just wants everything the world can offer him at any cost. He makes for a great villain though and he's always fun to watch.

Watching Daenerys and her plans to regain her old lands, you can't help but think maybe Robert was right the first time and they should have killed her. She's power-hungry, ambitious and more than anything wants to return her families name to former glories. It was pretty obvious where the story with her was going though as soon as they tried to get Jorah out of the way. I don't understand how the poisoner was just waiting there though, she could have easily passed without getting any wine or she could have missed him altogether. Nevertheless it served its purpose in that we get to see Khal Drago have what at first looked like a spas attack but which turned out to be a pretty impressive speech, which showed both his love for Daenerys and his love of war. I can't wait to see the two sides clash, it should definitely make for compelling viewing.

What about that ending though, fantastic! Ned's nobility throughout the episode, trying to ensure the King's rightful heir ascends the throne (even if he is hated by all) and his blunt, straightforward manner come back to bite him big time. He once again showed how unsuited he is to the lying, backstabbing and intrigue of Kings Landing as he is deceived by none other than Littlefinger, the snake! Whatever Ned was doing trusting him, I'll never know but what a great moment when he stuck the knife to Ned's neck and told him 'I told you, you shouldn't have trusted me'. I honestly didn't see it coming and when a show has the ability to surprise you like that even when it's obvious, you know it's great! Like I said I hated seeing that monster Geoffrey sitting on the throne with his conniving bitch of a mother beside him. Poor Ned, I hope he survives this and with any luck the Lannisters (except Tyrion of course) will get what's coming to them.

It started slow, but finished with a bang, once again Game of Thrones continues to enthrall and surprise. I'll be genuinely sad when this season ends because it has made for fantastic television so far and it's without a doubt my favorite new show. I get the feeling that things will get even more exciting though, I'm going to predict great times ahead for all fans of the show and I know I won't be disappointed!

Review Score: 8.5/10

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Camelot Season 1 Episode 8 "Igraine" Review

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Review Score: 7.5/10

Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 6 "A Golden Crown" Review

Damn, but this show is consistent. There hasn't been an episode that has blown me away yet but its a great show and once again we get another great episode.

There were some interesting developments in Kings Landing this week, its becoming clearer as if it wasn't already that Robert isn't fit to be King, but at least he has some wits about him by keeping Ned as his hand, because Ned is pretty much the only person in the Kingdom who is fully loyal to him. While striking Cersei was a bit much you can't really expect much else from the man. He's a drunken lout and obviously a shadow of the man he once was. Ned on the other hand seems to be growing in stature since the attack, I loved his scene where he stripped the knight of his titles and sentenced him to death as well as branding Tywin Lannister a possible traitor, its a side we haven't seen of Ned before and its obvious he could be a great King if given the chance. How cool is Arya's trainer Syrio Forel, he's just a fantastic character and badass, I love his relationship with Arya and every scene they have together is just brilliant.

Seriously Tyrion could be a stand-up comic he's that funny. Without a doubt he is the beating heart of the show, and with all the fighting, backstabbing and intrigue he's that refreshing breath of air that makes the show great. I loved how he tried to weasel his way into the jailors good books with gold and promises of wealth, the man would sell his own mother to save himself! His confession of his crimes was hilarious, especially milking his eel into a pot of turtle stew, that's not something you'd hear everyday! The fight scene was great, it was good to see someone standing up for Tyrion and both men are kindred spirits and I cant wait to see more of them together.

We also got some surprising developments in the Daenerys and Viserys storyline as well as our first major character death. First we find out that Daenerys is immune to burning then that Viserys definitely isn't. I was pretty shocked to see Viserys killed off so quickly though I have heard the novels have a precedent for killing of main characters unexpectedly. What a way to go though, I can't think of a death more fitting for Viserys, he definitely deserved it. I'm not sure what the whole heart eating thing was about, but Daenerys is fast becoming a formidable leader and I loved how cold she was after her brothers death. It was also nice to hear Drago talk English for a change. "You are no King" was a pretty great way to start though. It should be interesting to see where all this goes now that Viserys is dead.

Robb Stark hasn't really had much to do in the show so far so it was nice to see him get in on the action and wipe out two the two thieves, Theon Greyjoy also played his part, though to be honest I was confused at first by which was which, they actually are pretty similar looking until you get to know them. Still though it was a pretty great scene and it was good seeing Bran out and about again. Oh and what is wrong with Sansa, that Geoffrey is getting creepier by the minute and the fact that she goes on about how she loves him just shows that maybe she's not right in the head the poor girl.

One problem I had with the episode this week was that unlike most of the episodes where the transitions between areas and characters is generally pretty seamless, it was pretty disjointed this time around, every two minutes we'd be changing areas and characters and to be honest it gave me a headache trying to keep track of everything. Otherwise this was once again another really good episode of Game of Thrones which so far has combined action, drama and heart to become one of the best tv shows around.

Review Score 8/10

Friday, 27 May 2011


Hi guys, sorry for the lack of reviews lately but I've been having some problems with my Internet, I'll have my South Park Game of Thrones and Camelot reviews up as soon as I can. I have a bit of news too, I got offered a position writing for a great website I'm delighted because I know how hard it is to get in anywhere in this business so thanks everyone who's checked out my blog for making all this possible! There'll be some changes to my blog in that, the reviews I post on Boomtron I will not be posting on my blog due to an issue with google news but I will link my review to the blog and give the score here. Reviews of shows that aren't on Boomtrom will remain unchanged. Thanks again to everyone who is helping make my dream possible!

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Supernatural Season 6 Episode 22 "The Man Who Knew Too Much" Review

Wow that was fantastic! I'm actually still in shock from how the finale ended, credit to the writers for the fantastic ending that has left me dying to see what will happen next!

To be honest, I found the first half of the episode pretty slow. I did enjoy the reveal though of what was happening with Sam and it was good to see that the writers hadn't forgotten the mental block in his head preventing all hell from breaking loose. What was shocking was how it happened, the fact that Cas did that to Sam is pretty much unforgivable. He obviously knew what was going to happen to him and this was definitely the tipping point in Castiel's turn to the dark side.

Things livened up though when Sam faced off against his soulless self. Sam hasn't really had much to do in the last few episodes so this was Jared Padalecki's chance to show how good he is and he took it with both hands, showing us the dark and the light side of Sam to great effect. I was really happy to see Sam outsmart his soulless self though, despite the suffering he is enduring I know I'd rather have Sam with no soul than Sam without one and this proves without a doubt that Dean made the right choice getting Sam's soul back back whatever the cost.  

Whatever about soulless Sam, the Sam who had seen hell was far more disturbing. The sorrow and pain in his eyes, the suffering he had endured was all plain to see on his face and Jared does a fantastic job at bringing all three different aspects of his character alive. I hope Sam will be alright after remembering the Cage, only time will tell but the ordeal he has been through looks like it will take its toll for a long time to come.

Oh Cas, what has happened to you. Our favorite angel has changed beyond recognition, first removing Sam's block from hell, then killing one of his oldest and most trusted friends Balthazar and the chilling conclusion where we meet our new and almighty God. How the hell are Dean and Sam going to take him down? I loved his double-cross of Crowley though, its been obvious to me for a while that Cas wouldn't give Crowley anything, who would want the King of Hell with that much power? His threat to Crowley was so cold, I loved his flee or die line but it was clear that Crowley wouldn't give up that easily without a fight.

The last ten minutes of the episode were among the best the show has ever produced, it was epic. Crowley came back with his army and a new buddy to take down Castiel, as soon as I saw Raphael I was full sure Cas was doomed. Crowley turning the flee or die line against Cas was brilliant and when he left I thought the episode was just going to end with Raphael and Crowley opening the doorway to Purgatory, how wrong I was.

I think Crowley was lucky in the end to get away because it was obvious Raphael, like Cas had no intention of letting Crowley get any of the souls. I was glad to see him get away though, he's a great character and I can't wait to see more of him next season. The scene where Raphael just caught the knife Dean threw made me fully realize exactly how powerful an angel he is, which definitely helped make the final scenes just that little bit more amazing. Cas showed how formidable he was when he came back and outsmarted both Raphael and Crowley, say what you want about Cas but he's far from stupid but I didn't imagine for a second what was coming next. 

Cas barely flexed his muscles and with a flick of his fingers destroyed one of the most powerful angels ever to exist, and if that wasn't enough he declared himself God and ordered his subjects to bow before him or be destroyed. I got chills watching that scene, the kind of chills you know when you're watching an amazing piece of television. It was in that moment I realised that Castiel was dead, a new God had arisen, more powerful than Lucifer or Michel by far, a God corrupted by the power he possessed and determined to wield it to destroy his enemies. The final moments, the fear in Sam, Dean and Bobby's eyes and the coldness of Castiels was perfect and emphazised just how powerful our new God is. I couldn't imagine how the writers were going to top the boys fighting Lucifer but now that they're taking on God Cas they've taken things to a whole new level.

The finale matched and in someways exceeded my very high expectations. I can't think of a better way they could have ended the season, and I can't wait to see how the boys try and bring down their greatest adversary of all. What makes it so great is that we know Castiel, we know the angel he was before and we have seen his fall into darkness. We are completely invested in his story and I cannot wait to see what he will do with his newfound powers next season. While the start of the episode was slow, I still really enjoyed it and the last half of the show is up there with the best episodes I have seen on television. It was incredible.

Review Score: 9.5/10