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Sunday, 29 May 2011

Camelot Season 1 Episode 8 "Igraine" Review

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Review Score: 7.5/10

Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 6 "A Golden Crown" Review

Damn, but this show is consistent. There hasn't been an episode that has blown me away yet but its a great show and once again we get another great episode.

There were some interesting developments in Kings Landing this week, its becoming clearer as if it wasn't already that Robert isn't fit to be King, but at least he has some wits about him by keeping Ned as his hand, because Ned is pretty much the only person in the Kingdom who is fully loyal to him. While striking Cersei was a bit much you can't really expect much else from the man. He's a drunken lout and obviously a shadow of the man he once was. Ned on the other hand seems to be growing in stature since the attack, I loved his scene where he stripped the knight of his titles and sentenced him to death as well as branding Tywin Lannister a possible traitor, its a side we haven't seen of Ned before and its obvious he could be a great King if given the chance. How cool is Arya's trainer Syrio Forel, he's just a fantastic character and badass, I love his relationship with Arya and every scene they have together is just brilliant.

Seriously Tyrion could be a stand-up comic he's that funny. Without a doubt he is the beating heart of the show, and with all the fighting, backstabbing and intrigue he's that refreshing breath of air that makes the show great. I loved how he tried to weasel his way into the jailors good books with gold and promises of wealth, the man would sell his own mother to save himself! His confession of his crimes was hilarious, especially milking his eel into a pot of turtle stew, that's not something you'd hear everyday! The fight scene was great, it was good to see someone standing up for Tyrion and both men are kindred spirits and I cant wait to see more of them together.

We also got some surprising developments in the Daenerys and Viserys storyline as well as our first major character death. First we find out that Daenerys is immune to burning then that Viserys definitely isn't. I was pretty shocked to see Viserys killed off so quickly though I have heard the novels have a precedent for killing of main characters unexpectedly. What a way to go though, I can't think of a death more fitting for Viserys, he definitely deserved it. I'm not sure what the whole heart eating thing was about, but Daenerys is fast becoming a formidable leader and I loved how cold she was after her brothers death. It was also nice to hear Drago talk English for a change. "You are no King" was a pretty great way to start though. It should be interesting to see where all this goes now that Viserys is dead.

Robb Stark hasn't really had much to do in the show so far so it was nice to see him get in on the action and wipe out two the two thieves, Theon Greyjoy also played his part, though to be honest I was confused at first by which was which, they actually are pretty similar looking until you get to know them. Still though it was a pretty great scene and it was good seeing Bran out and about again. Oh and what is wrong with Sansa, that Geoffrey is getting creepier by the minute and the fact that she goes on about how she loves him just shows that maybe she's not right in the head the poor girl.

One problem I had with the episode this week was that unlike most of the episodes where the transitions between areas and characters is generally pretty seamless, it was pretty disjointed this time around, every two minutes we'd be changing areas and characters and to be honest it gave me a headache trying to keep track of everything. Otherwise this was once again another really good episode of Game of Thrones which so far has combined action, drama and heart to become one of the best tv shows around.

Review Score 8/10

Friday, 27 May 2011


Hi guys, sorry for the lack of reviews lately but I've been having some problems with my Internet, I'll have my South Park Game of Thrones and Camelot reviews up as soon as I can. I have a bit of news too, I got offered a position writing for a great website I'm delighted because I know how hard it is to get in anywhere in this business so thanks everyone who's checked out my blog for making all this possible! There'll be some changes to my blog in that, the reviews I post on Boomtron I will not be posting on my blog due to an issue with google news but I will link my review to the blog and give the score here. Reviews of shows that aren't on Boomtrom will remain unchanged. Thanks again to everyone who is helping make my dream possible!

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Supernatural Season 6 Episode 22 "The Man Who Knew Too Much" Review

Wow that was fantastic! I'm actually still in shock from how the finale ended, credit to the writers for the fantastic ending that has left me dying to see what will happen next!

To be honest, I found the first half of the episode pretty slow. I did enjoy the reveal though of what was happening with Sam and it was good to see that the writers hadn't forgotten the mental block in his head preventing all hell from breaking loose. What was shocking was how it happened, the fact that Cas did that to Sam is pretty much unforgivable. He obviously knew what was going to happen to him and this was definitely the tipping point in Castiel's turn to the dark side.

Things livened up though when Sam faced off against his soulless self. Sam hasn't really had much to do in the last few episodes so this was Jared Padalecki's chance to show how good he is and he took it with both hands, showing us the dark and the light side of Sam to great effect. I was really happy to see Sam outsmart his soulless self though, despite the suffering he is enduring I know I'd rather have Sam with no soul than Sam without one and this proves without a doubt that Dean made the right choice getting Sam's soul back back whatever the cost.  

Whatever about soulless Sam, the Sam who had seen hell was far more disturbing. The sorrow and pain in his eyes, the suffering he had endured was all plain to see on his face and Jared does a fantastic job at bringing all three different aspects of his character alive. I hope Sam will be alright after remembering the Cage, only time will tell but the ordeal he has been through looks like it will take its toll for a long time to come.

Oh Cas, what has happened to you. Our favorite angel has changed beyond recognition, first removing Sam's block from hell, then killing one of his oldest and most trusted friends Balthazar and the chilling conclusion where we meet our new and almighty God. How the hell are Dean and Sam going to take him down? I loved his double-cross of Crowley though, its been obvious to me for a while that Cas wouldn't give Crowley anything, who would want the King of Hell with that much power? His threat to Crowley was so cold, I loved his flee or die line but it was clear that Crowley wouldn't give up that easily without a fight.

The last ten minutes of the episode were among the best the show has ever produced, it was epic. Crowley came back with his army and a new buddy to take down Castiel, as soon as I saw Raphael I was full sure Cas was doomed. Crowley turning the flee or die line against Cas was brilliant and when he left I thought the episode was just going to end with Raphael and Crowley opening the doorway to Purgatory, how wrong I was.

I think Crowley was lucky in the end to get away because it was obvious Raphael, like Cas had no intention of letting Crowley get any of the souls. I was glad to see him get away though, he's a great character and I can't wait to see more of him next season. The scene where Raphael just caught the knife Dean threw made me fully realize exactly how powerful an angel he is, which definitely helped make the final scenes just that little bit more amazing. Cas showed how formidable he was when he came back and outsmarted both Raphael and Crowley, say what you want about Cas but he's far from stupid but I didn't imagine for a second what was coming next. 

Cas barely flexed his muscles and with a flick of his fingers destroyed one of the most powerful angels ever to exist, and if that wasn't enough he declared himself God and ordered his subjects to bow before him or be destroyed. I got chills watching that scene, the kind of chills you know when you're watching an amazing piece of television. It was in that moment I realised that Castiel was dead, a new God had arisen, more powerful than Lucifer or Michel by far, a God corrupted by the power he possessed and determined to wield it to destroy his enemies. The final moments, the fear in Sam, Dean and Bobby's eyes and the coldness of Castiels was perfect and emphazised just how powerful our new God is. I couldn't imagine how the writers were going to top the boys fighting Lucifer but now that they're taking on God Cas they've taken things to a whole new level.

The finale matched and in someways exceeded my very high expectations. I can't think of a better way they could have ended the season, and I can't wait to see how the boys try and bring down their greatest adversary of all. What makes it so great is that we know Castiel, we know the angel he was before and we have seen his fall into darkness. We are completely invested in his story and I cannot wait to see what he will do with his newfound powers next season. While the start of the episode was slow, I still really enjoyed it and the last half of the show is up there with the best episodes I have seen on television. It was incredible.

Review Score: 9.5/10

Supernatural Season 6 Episode 21 "Let It Bleed" Review

Supernatural set the bar high for the first episode of the two part finale. While slowly building up the inevitable confrontation between Dean, Sam, Crowley and Castiel we also got a heartbreaking resolution to the Lisa and Ben storyline to boot. I cannot wait to see how its all going to end up in the final hour.

What I love most about Supernatural is its ability to balance comedy, drama and action to near-perfection. Although this was a dark episode, there was some great humor to lighten up proceedings. Dean's reason for not knowing who H.P Lovecraft is was hilarious. Crowley as per usual is always good for a laugh, his kisses line at the end of the conversation with Dean was a typical funny Crowley moment, and if he does die in the next hour I'll be sad to see him go. As well as that we got the bookstore geek who is in a long-term online relationship and his priceless description of Castiel as a trenchcoat wearing guy who looks like Columbo and talks like Rainman. Its the shows ability to make me laugh as much as anything else that keeps me coming back for more.

Dean and his relationships were at the heart of the episode and once again Jensen Ackles is amazing as he makes us feel and understand exactly what he is going through. I could feel his anger and frustration as he struggled to deal with Lisa and Ben being kidnapped because of him. He's not the only one dealing with guilt though, Cas shows he still cares about Dean despite everything happening between them when he kills the demon who was about to finish Dean off and heals Lisa. You could see the sadness in both their eyes knowing that despite all that has happened they are still on opposing sides.

I really enjoyed the scene in the warehouse, it was tense, mainly due the fact that Lisa and Ben were expendable and I knew that if anything happened to them, it would haunt Dean forever. I didn't expect the ending though, I really felt for Dean after finding out he had their memories erased. He's lost so much in his life, his father, his mother, friends and now Lisa and Ben who don't even know who he is anymore. How he copes with it all I have no idea, and Cas who is like a brother to him turning on him is just another cruel twist in the sad life of Dean Winchester.

The developments regarding heaven kept the episode ticking along. Balthazar's face when Dean and Sam told him what Cas was really up to was great and his scene with Castiel up in heaven was just brilliant. Balthazar has always been a survivor and I knew and he knew that if he said he was against Cas he was dead. Thats what I'm loving about these last few episodes, they've really made Cas a legitimate threat who is ruthless towards anything that gets in his way. I'm glad the boys have an angel on their side anyways, especially one with all the weapons of heaven at his disposal.

For what was basically set-up for the big final bout between Cas, Crowley, Dean and Sam I really thought this was another great episode. We got a great resolution to Dean's relationship with Lisa and Ben and they really upped the stakes in the battle for heaven. With the possibility of half the world blowing up and some big deaths, heres hoping that the final hour of this season will be as fantastic as I expect it will be!

Review Score: 8.5/10

Saturday, 21 May 2011

South Park Season 15 Episode 4 "TMI" Review

Now that’s more like it! This is the South Park we know and love, crass, crude and hilarious. This episode had so many great moments and had me laughing every minute. It’s no coincidence that the return to form coincides with the return of Butter and Randy, two of my favourite characters in the show. We also get to see Cartman back to his twisted best and with a great story to boot no South Park fan could ask for more.

Butters gets us off to a great start with a timely joke about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s marital woes, and as a big fan of Terminator I thought that whole scene was just brilliant. The story itself reminded me a lot of the episode “The List” where the girls judged how good looking the boys are, which is coincidentally one of my favourite South Park episodes, yet this story differs enough to make it unique. Trust Cartman to think that the school would actually put penis sizes on the wall for everyone to see, it’s great to see it backfire on him though, especially after his “revised list”. I was literally laughing for ten minutes when Cartman said his was over thirteen inches, sheer brilliance as was Butters conversation with his penis trying to coax it out. The whole scene was just surreal and absolutely brilliant.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better we get that scene with Cartman at the psychiatrist. As funny as it was seeing the physiatrist calling Cartman a fat f**k even better was Cartman’s response. I didn’t even notice the reference to Mitch Connor at first, I was laughing so hard and when I did remembered I was laughing even harder. Cartman at his very best.

Oh Randy, could I love you any more? The man is just a hero. Only he would ask did the children measure from the balls or the shaft. The image of him standing there in his brown jacket explaining to the kids TMI i.e. the actual size of the penis has me laughing even while I’m writing this.

I don’t know who the hell Wayne D is but I just couldn’t stop laughing when he started talking. It was great how they related the penis size back to Cartman’s anger management and only South Park could do that and have it make sense. Randy once again steals the show, his rant towards the chair and the resulting carnage he causes along with Cartman and the rest of the anger management group was fantastic to watch, when this show is firing on all cylinders there really isn’t any other show that can beat it. I loved that little moment with Butters; I nearly cried laughing seeing him trying to measure himself with a protractor.

The ending was great, not for the first time this episode I was dying with laughter. The squad getting ready to f**k Kyle, the psychiatrist being scared s**tless of Cartman and the resolution with Randy’s great little musical number and Cartman’s final line was just the icing on the cake. What a fantastic episode this was, I can’t remember laughing this much at South Park in ages, without a doubt the King has returned!

Review Score: 9/10

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 5 "The Wolf and The Lion" Review

Well that was a pretty messed up episode. Awesome, but messed up. First, can I say I hope to God that I never have to see a horses head chopped off with a sword again, I love senseless violence, who doesn't, but that wasn't exactly what I had in mind when I said I wanted a little more excitement. Far worse though, was a boy who looked about ten getting breastfed by his mother, who's a ruler no less and who also happens to be completely and utterly insane. Again, not really what I was expecting. Beside that though, I really enjoyed this episode, we finally got some great action to compliment the fantastic character building and I cant wait to see where the show is heading next.

I really don't know what to make of King Robert, on one hand I think he's an ass, he's cruel, he's power-hungry, he's only out for his own interests. Yet as the episode went on he really began to grow on me, I'm pretty sure if any of us had as much power as he has, we'd all probably be drunken, lecherous louts too. I loved his scene with Cersei, we really got a great insight into their relationship, which is plain and simple, a farce. What's great though is that they accept that, she'll never live up to Ned's sister in Robert's eyes and they both know it. It kind of explains why Robert acts like a fool, the only thing he ever cared about he lost, so now he doesn't give a damn about anything. It's almost poetic really, but what it does do is completely change my view on a character who I disliked for most of the series, I love how this show can do that.

Still the life and soul of the party, its great to see that not even capture and the possibility of imminent death can dampen Tyrion's spirits. When you can crack a joke after killing your first man or when you're face to face with a lunatic you really are one of a kind. One thing I loved about Tyrion killing his first man was, unlike most tv characters where killing their first man is a big thing and it takes episodes for them to express their feelings and come to terms with it, Tyrion just doesn't seem to be bothered at all. It's great to see and it really shows what a unique, charismatic and downright brilliant character the Imp really is! Hopefully he'll get out of his predicament next week, but at least he got a room with a nice view.

Poor Ned he has a lot to deal with this week, everyone is conspiring around him and even his King doesn't want him, not after his little 'I don't kill women and children speech'. The cheek! Worse still he's going to be limping for a while after that last scene. Being the Hand of the King is dangerous but not being the Hand of the King is apparently ten times worse. Ned has had to do a lot of talking in the series, so it was great to see him doing what he does best, his fight with Jaime was fantastic, and I nearly felt like punching that soldier who ruined the fight myself. Jaime is beginning to grow on me too after what you wouldn't exactly call the best of introductions. He's a complex man to say the least, and his frustration at not getting the chance to kill Ned fairly was fun, I guess being thought of as a backstabbing coward still smarts a little.

Speaking of great battle scenes there a few of them this week, the jousting competition was unconventional, I think thats the best word to describe it. Forgive me if I'm wrong but I didn't know it was customary to chop your horses head off when you lost a joust? Still it was exciting as was the attack on Lady Stark and her people mainly for its shock value and seeing Tyrion bash a man's skull in and enjoying it just a little bit too much.

Our peripheral characters had some interesting moments too, LittleFinger is growing more revolting and compelling by the episode, a strange combination. More interesting was Ned's young ward back in Winterfell, I wonder how he'll come into play later in the series. I also loved Lord Varys, or as I call him, the bald guy. I have no idea what the mans intentions are but he obviously has a lot of fingers in many different pies, I can see why he's called the Spider. Anyone who can make LittleFinger look like he's swallowed a nail is alright by me! The scene with the youngest Stark gave us some interesting information (at least if you haven't read the books) about the Kingdom and the various wars and once again Game of Thrones does an outstanding job on developing its peripheral characters.

Game of Thrones keeps the ball rolling with another great episode. I was, once again, a little confused trying to keep track of everything but with a show of this scope that's bound to be a problem. This episode was a lot of fun and even with the character development taking the back seat a little here, the action more than made up for it. Bring on next week!

Review Score: 8.5/10

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Camelot Season 1 Episode 7 "The Long Night" Review

This was a pretty average episode by all accounts. There was a load of pretty decent build up throughout but the resolution was pretty disappointing. Although I am still interested in Morgan's plan I hope it bears some fruit soon enough because at the moment I'm starting to get bored with the consistent slow pace of the show as well as some of the illogical choices and decisions made by the characters that plagued this episode.

The opening scene was a little strange with one of Morgans men perving on her while she was taking a bath, but I like how she turned the situation to her advantage, using the man's lust and loyalty to her to further advance her plans. 

I really can't understand how almost everyone now seems to trust Morgan completely, especially Arthur. I know she is his sister but does he not remember what she was like at first towards him? He is far too overconfident and underestimates her and what she is capable of. They all seem to have fallen for Morgan's facade except for Merlin, who gladly still has his wits about him and to a lesser extent Igraine who is also suspicious of her motives. Her speech wasn't particularly convincing either, declaring her undying loyalty to Arthur just seemed hollow considering she wanted him dead a while ago.

The scene with the dancers was great, the tension and excitement was palpable and when they drew the swords I fully expected a bloodbath! Sadly, it was just a pretty show to impress Arthur and his people but I can't help but think it would have been a great way for Morgan to wipe out all her primary opponents in one fell swoop instead of the complex and somewhat overcomplicated game she is currently playing.

Its great to see that Merlin is not fooled by Morgan but I can't help but question his choices. He is playing with fire, rather than advising Arthur against seeing Morgan he lets him go to her, hoping to learn more about her plans. It seems that he too underestimates her abilities, while being overconfident in his own. It'll be interesting to see how he reacts when he discovers Morgan has outwitted him.

It was good to see some action when the fire began and I liked seeing everyone work together to save the girl, brave and stupid is definitely an apt description of Arthur's actions here. Although what he did was brave he acted reckless once again and he really needs to learn that as King he cannot be putting himself in the line of fire all the time. 

At this stage I was getting excited for what this episode had in store for us, I was interested in seeing what Morgan was really up to and I was expecting some intriguing developments. Sadly the pace of the episode began to drag after this scene.

I liked how Igraine seemed in command when she was with the girls and explaining how their men needed them to be there to remind them what they are fighting for. It's easy to forget that Igraine was a Queen as she hasn't really shown much authority so far in the show so this was a nice reminder of the woman she once was. 

Guinevere on the other hand I found extremely annoying here, her attempts at trying to get involved in the story just seemed forced, and her talk with Morgan highlighted her hypocrisy and I can't help feeling sorry for Leontes who is growing on me as a character and is developed nicely in this episode.

I was thrilled to finally see a confrontation between Merlin and Sybil, who along with Gawain are my favorite characters in the show. It was great to see them try and outfox and outwit each other and its obvious that both knew the other was up to some. Both are really intelligent characters, but I think Sybil won the first battle of wills between them as we can see the frustration on Merlin's face when he cannot discover what she or Morgan is up to.

Nothing much exciting happened after that, one moment I liked though was Morgan allaying Igraines suspicions of her. Despite my complaints about how no-one suspects her, in a one to one situation Morgan is well capable of putting on a friendly face and I could understand how Igraine believes she might actually be genuine. It was good to see Igraine confronting her though, at least someone was questioning Morgans motives.

The fight scene between Gawain and Leontes was great and livened up the pace of the episode for a brief moment, it was exciting and well choreographed and it was nice to see Leontes hold his own against Gawain. Once again though the pace of the episode really slowed down when it should have been building to a crescendo. There were some nice scenes, I liked how Merlin finally confided in someone that Morgan was responsible for Uther's murder but it makes no sense that he doesn't tell Arthur. With that piece of information he had the power to keep Arthur away from Morgan who he must realize is planning to take the throne still yet he doesn't take any action. I know the shows aim is to keep Merlin mysterious but sometimes they take it too far.

The scenes with Leontes did a good job of developing his character. It was interesting to see his conversation with Sybil, and its apparent that she will use the information to her advantage. What is clearer here though, is that Leontes is more a person of faith than Sybil is and the scene shows more than anything how far Sybil has fallen from what a true believer should be like. His monologue about his mistakes in life gave us a better insight into his character and these scenes did a good job in developing Leontes. They however did slow the pace down to a standstill and I think it would have been more apt to develop Leontes earlier in the series.

Without a doubt, my least favorite scene of the episode was Arthur's confession of love to Guinevere. Nothing about their relationship has been particularly convincing for me and the whole scene just felt off. It also turned out to be pretty pointless as it ended up that there would be no battle after all. It was a pretty disappointing resolution to the episodes story as all the build up at the start of the episode was wasted.

Morgan's plan did seem to have an obvious flaw though in that there would be no bodies and I'm glad to see at least Merlin showed some semblance of sense by saying he wanted to see the bodies first before he believed the story. I'm interested to see how Morgan gets out of this one, because it was plain stupid of her if she thought no one would check to verify her story. I guess will have to wait until next week to see how it all pans out though.

Morgan's capture of Igraine and transformation was an intriguing development but as a resolution to the episode it was pretty underwhelming. The episode was ok in general with some good scenes scattered throughout but an uneven pace, lack of action and some questionable character decisions makes me worried about the direction of the show in general. Here's hoping we finally get to see Morgan put her plan into action next week and that the season will end with a bang rather than a whimper.

Review Score: 6.5/10

Just a note to people, sorry about being slow with my reviews this week, its been hectic, but I'll do my best to have my Game of Thrones review up tomorrow.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

South Park Season 15 Episode 3 "Royal Pudding" Review

Well that was disappointing. After the dud episode last week I was really hoping that Trey and Matt would come out all guns blazing and remind us why South Park is still one of the funniest shows on air today. Sadly this isn’t the case and while I will say this episode was a bit better than last week, that’s not really saying much.

It’s difficult not to smile at the kindergartners in any situation and at first the song about tooth decay that they sang was cute, after the fourth time it was just annoying.

I honestly thought I’d enjoy the royal wedding South Park style more than I did. Sure I smiled a little at the commentators reporting of the event and the Canadian wedding tradition, but that was about it. The only part of that sequence I found funny at all was the royal pudding spilling, that was one of the very few times I laughed during this episode.

Besides a load of Canadians going crazy and killing themselves, the Eskimo racism and the final wedding scene which I won’t spoil as it is both shocking and hilarious, the Canadian storyline was very underwhelming. The reveal that tooth decay was behind the kidnapping was just stupid and the way they ended up killing it even more so. I personally love crazy South Park endings; I’m the kind of person who thought metrosexuals actually being crab people was hilarious! This resolution was just stupid though even by South Parks standards and I didn’t find it funny at all.

What redeemed the episode a little in my eyes was Mr Mackey. I thought his rants towards Kyle and the kindergartners were great, especially the one in the classroom, Cartmans little laugh at Kyle there was priceless, Cartman was sorely missed in this episode! Also Mr Mackey blaming him for everything was very funny; the constant abuse of Kyle seems to be a running theme so far this season, more so than any of the preceding seasons. While it’s funny for now it’ll run out of steam if they do it every episode.

South Park is definitely missing something though and I think I know what it is. None of the episodes have focused on our four main characters; we’ve barely seen Stan or Kenny thus far. Cartman, the undoubted star of South Park has been criminally underused in the last two episodes. We’ve also only had rare glimpses of other fan favourites like Butters, Mr Garrison and Randy, characters who I have sorely missed so far this season. The sooner the show brings the focus back to the boys and the characters we love the most the better for everyone because these last two episodes have shown South Park at its worst and we all want to see South Park at its best. Let’s hope that next weeks episode will reaffirm that South Park still has its sense of humour.

Review Score: 4/10

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Monday, 9 May 2011

Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 4 "Cripples, Bastards and Broken Things" Review

Game of Thrones has made an impressive start to its first season. The show has captivated me right from the beginning. HBO has obviously put a lot of effort into the show and it shows, with beautiful and varied scenery and a sweeping score. What sets this show apart from any other in my view though, is the characters and the effort that is put into developing them. Unlike a lot of tv shows, which take seasons for us to fully invest in the characters, Game of Thrones has already given us many well-round individuals, many who we love, some who we hate. Never before have I been so entranced by the characters of a show at this early stage and at the end of the day its the characters that keep me coming back for more.

Cripples, Bastards and Broken Things is another great episode which develops the characters we already know, and introduces us to even more new characters, one in particular who I ended up loving by the end of the episode.

I thought the start of the episode was interesting and I wonder what is the significance of the third eye on the crow? It was great seeing Tyrion again so early in the episode and I really can't praise Peter Dinklage enough for his portrayal of the character. He is undoubtedly my favourite character in the series and I know I'm not the only one. Despite his stature, he owns a room when he enters it and he definitely makes his presence felt. I loved the scene with Tyrion and Bran, his sympathy for people like Bran and Snow is one of the reasons why he is such a great character, he may be a rogue and a scoundrel in many ways, but its clear that he has a good heart and he's not afraid to show it. He's very funny too, his sarcasm and cutting remarks are always amusing and he's definitely very intelligent. I loved how he knew straight away that he was being lied too and that Lady Stark is not in Winterfell. The reason Tyrion is beloved by so many who watch the series is that he is undoubtedly the most three dimensional character in the show, with so many nuances and different aspects to his character, what's there to hate?

The introduction of Sam was fantastic, and by the end of this episode he was already one of my favourite characters. Here was a character who couldn't fight, hated heights and was by his own admission a complete coward. I, like Snow, sympathised with him straight away. His back-story was horrific and it was impossible not to feel sorry for him.What truly made me love his character though is despite his fears, despite his perilous situation, he still does his best and he still can have a smile and a laugh. He might not be able to fight, or to do pretty much anything useful at the moment, but he is one of those characters that brightens a scene just by being in it. His scene talking to Snow was great and it was nice having someone besides Tyrion to provide some humour. His good-spirited nature is just what this episode needed to lift what sometimes feels like a perpetual gloomy atmosphere.

Speaking of Snow, he continues to impresses and is another character that I am very fond of. He really is a likable character just like his father. Its great to see how he stands up for Sam no matter what anyone else thinks. He's earned the respect of all his comrades who hated him before this which is apparent in this episode. His empathy and how he treats people with respect set him apart. Snow is a born leader, when he talks people listen, yet he is also just one of the men, a brother, a friend, willing to do anything to protect his own. Like Tyrion, he is a wonderful individual, who despite his status, proves time and time again that he is a great character. 

Surprisingly the storyline across the sea does not detract from the main storyline at all and I look forward to seeing the story of Daenerys and Viserys everytime. I know I sound like a broken record, but thats all down to the strength and depth of their characters. I've loved the growth of Daenerys character since the first episode. She was basically a slave to her brothers whims and desires so its fantastic to see her stand up to her brother and for herself throughout the episode. She is a completely different person, she is more confident, self-assured and commanding. One of my favourite moments of the episode was when she hit Viserys after an altercation between them and then threatened to cut his hands off. The look on his face was just priceless and I cant wait to see what happens next. Viserys grows more vile every episode, he's just a character you love to hate. The bath scene and the talk of dragons was interesting, and for a minute I thought we were seeing a softer and kinder side to Viserys. He reverts to his old self soon enough though and I for one cannot wait to see him get his comeuppance someday!

Ned is someone I really felt sorry for here, you can tell he's not used to all the political machinations and intrigue that have enveloped the capital. He's just not cut out for this life, he's just too honest, honorable and straightforward for it. To be honest I didn't find his storyline of tracking down the former Hands killer particularly exciting but there were some good moments and Sean Bean makes Ned such a likable character that I always enjoy watching him. The moment where all the spies are revealed by Little Finger to Ned is interesting as it shows truly what a treacherous place Kings Landing is. Little Finger also had another great moment in the episode at the jousting competition speaking to Ned's daughter Sansa and he is definitely an intriguing character, who's motives like the man remain shrouded in mystery. I enjoyed the brief scene between Ned and his youngest girl Arya, who we saw a lot of in the last episode. Her attitude is refreshing and unconventional, yet her father understands her and the deep bond between the two of them is plain to see and enjoyable to watch. Ned's discovery of the Queen's illegitimate son was interesting and I wonder what it will mean for the future.

There were lots of other great scenes in the episode, ones I particularly enjoyed were the talk between Jaime Lannister and Jory about battles they fought. We haven't seen much of Jaime yet and I hope that changes in the future, he's an engaging character and there is still a lot of mystery around him as yet. The scene with the white direwolf was tense, it was great to see Snow and the other characters sticking up for Sam despite their disdain for him. The jousting was definitely exciting and the death scene was horrific, in a good way. One of my favourite scenes though was Thorne's speech to Snow and Sam. It vividly portrayed the horror and danger that awaited them and the other men, and even more telling is Thorne's demeanor. He acts like a man who has seen every horror imaginable and this leaves even more of an impression than his speech does. Of course all these scenes were trumped by the ending. Lady Stark won me over in this scene, I never thought I would see the day where someone would outwit Tyrion but the way she did it was just brilliant and I can't wait to see what happens between them in the next episode.

I did have one big issue with this episode. A lot of the information that was provided simply went over my head. Detailed histories and accounts of former events were difficult to follow. I've never read the books so its entirely possible people who have read the novels had no problem with it but for me it was hard to keep up and retain all the information provided and I'd be interested to see if other people who never read the book felt the same. Also there was a distinct lack of action in this episode and while I adore the character building the show is doing, a little more excitement and swordplay would be great. Its only a very minor complaint though as like I've said I've enjoyed the character-building so much I've hardly noticed the lack of action!

On the whole though, like I've already said this episode did a fantastic job on developing the characters further and its a worthy addition to what has been a great season so far. Although the info-dump was a bit too much for me, this episode is just another reason why Game of Thrones is the most exciting new tv show right now and for those who haven't watched it yet, I wholeheartedly recommend checking it out.

Review Score: 8.5/10

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Saturday, 7 May 2011

Camelot Season 1 Episode 6 "Three Journeys" Review

Three Journeys is definitely a polarizing episode. While parts of it were entertaining and enjoyable, other parts were simply meandering and boring. That's mainly due to how the episode is structured, literally depicting the journeys of three separate groups as suggested in the title. No prizes to those who guess which journey I found the most boring but we'll discuss that later on.

For a start, I did like the opening. What was really noticeable about this episode was the camera angles and the sweeping view of the land shown. The setting of the show is simply beautiful and that is shown to full effect in this episode. Likewise the music is great, really setting the tone of the show and giving it a sense of the epic. I also enjoyed the visual of Arthur using flags to claim his dominion, he has shown once again that he is an intelligent King, although his subjects might not understand it, the flags symbolize the reach of his power and his strength as king. Another positive aspect of the opening was the return of Merlin! It was great to see him back to his old self, assured and confident, bossing people around like always!

Now we come to the journeys themselves and I'll start with the one that I least enjoyed, which was undoubtedly the journey of Arthur and Guinevere. The first thing that put me off this was Arthur's stupidity. He is the King, he has a responsibility to the people of Camelot as their King to stay safe yet he rides out, without telling anyone where he is going, on his own after Guinevere and just leaves for a few days, with all his trusted comrades away on a mission and no one left to take care of the people? It just doesn't make sense for a young man who, so far, has been an intelligent and wise king. It just isn't a smart move. The story itself was pretty boring too consisting primarily of gorgeous shots of the two of them riding to their destination and talking under the stars. All in aim of seeing Guinevere's father before he dies, a scene which lacked emotion, was very abrupt and failed to pack a punch.

I'm not saying this story was all bad though, there were some good scenes. I liked the talk of Arthur's leadership on the journey, especially the moment where he admits he likes the power of being king, while sounding ashamed saying it. You could tell in recent episodes that he was really settling into the role of being King and that he was enjoying it and this confirms it. It will be interesting to see if he whether he will continue to put the people first or will the power go to his head. The fight scene on the beach was great and it makes me wish there were more scenes like that in the show, this episode definitely could have done with a bit more swordplay to liven things up! I also liked the speech Arthur made at the funeral, every episode his voice gains increasing gravitas and authority and I have to say that I am enjoying his development as a character so far in the series. Despite the positives they don't hide the fact that this was a weak storyline, with little point except to restart the Arthur and Guinevere affair once again.

I'm happy to say that the other two journeys fared better in my estimation. Merlin's mission to attain books for Camelot lacked much excitement yet was interesting in that we get to see a vital development in Merlin's character as well as getting to spend some quality time with Leontes, Gawain and Kay. I thought the scene of the dying man gave us a great insight into Merlin's personality. While the others were trying to comfort the man, Merlin was blunt and to the point, no sympathy or consideration from him. He also point blank refuses to help the man. It's obvious that he fears the power inside himself and I believe his lack of empathy towards the dying man is so he does not look weak in front of the others. Merlin is definitely someone, who despite outward appearance, is not comfortable in his own skin. His lack of belief in God also indicates this, he refuses to believe his powers may come from a deity like God, its clear that he believes them to be a curse rather than a blessing. He fears himself and he fears what he becomes when he attempts to harness his true potential.

This is why Merlin's scene with Gawain is great. Gawain is one of my favourite characters in the show and he acts like the man Merlin should be, he's comfortable with who he is and what he is and his advice is always good. It was satisfying to hear Merlin admit that he is terrified of his abilities and Gawain's advice to help him overcome his fears was one of the highlights of the episode. I loved seeing Merlin finally use his power and controlling it and hopefully we'll now see a stronger Merlin, comfortable with who he is in future episodes. While this story lacked any real excitement or tension it was interesting to see Merlin's character development as well as seeing him interact with people besides Arthur.

My favourite journey of the episode though was undoubtedly the one undertaken by Morgan and Sybil. Morgan is looking more like a queen with each passing episode. The scene where she judges the estranged husband and wife was excellent, she proves how smart she is by tricking the husband and her confidence and authority is plain for everyone to see. 

The story took an interesting turn with the arrival of the woman who accused Sybil of burning down the nunnery, I was surprised at the revelation but it made sense, Sybil will do whatever it takes to achieve her goals as she proved last episode and again here. What was surprising and what added tension to this storyline was the moment where Sybil is sitting alone, listening to the screams of the girl who died, her guilt plain to see. Definitely the most thrilling moment in the episode for me. Sybil once again showed me why her character is my favourite in the series, her speech about what happened was emotional and compelling and she really sells that scene. It was great seeing Morgan so angry and confused when she discovered the truth, yet what was even better was the way she dealt with it. I love how Sybil, even with her head on the chopping block attempts to manipulate Morgan into thinking she needs her, and then when that fails attempts to gain pity before she is forced to leave the room. Morgan's solution to the outcome of the trial was genius and definitely the best solution to the problem, she really is becoming a force to be reckoned with. The scene at the end really underscores the relationship between Morgan and Sybil and together they will truly be formidable opponents for Arthur and Merlin.

In summary though, I found this episode lacking. The Arthur and Guinevere story was for the most part dull and while the Merlin storyline was interesting it lacked any real excitement. Morgan and Sybil redeemed the episode somewhat but I really hope the show picks up the pace in the last four episodes, because what this show needs more than anything at this stage is less talk and more action.

Review Score: 7/10

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Fringe Season 3 Episode 22 "The Day We Died" Review

Can I just start off this review by saying what the hell just happened? I'm still trying to get my head around this episode and the repercussions for the rest of the show. One thing I know for sure though, I can't wait to see what happens next!

I have to admit that I didn't find the first half of the episode particularly exciting though there were some great character moments here. It was cool seeing Olivia's niece as a Fringe agent and she had some good moments in the episode, I liked when she told Walter she couldn't remember much before all this began, it was in that moment that I began to understand the effect the destruction of the other universe has had on our world, not just on the universe itself, but the people. Ella has grown up in a universe plagued by terror and destruction, she can hardly remember that there was another life, a better life before it all began.

Walter had some wonderful moments in this episode. I really pitied him when I saw him in prison. Remembering how his stint in the mental institution had affected him and his fear of going back, it was horrible to see him trapped in a cage once again. I do understand why he's in there, and I know he deserves it after everything thats happened, but we know Walter as a bumbling, yet kind and gentle soul who despite his sins has done everything he could to atone for his mistakes and I couldn't help but feel sorry for him.

That's why I was delighted to see him released from prison. It brought a smile to my face seeing him re-experiencing things for the first time, his excitement on the swivel chair and his simple joy at eating a sweet again. Even better though was the human interactions, him asking after Astrid was touching and I loved when he shouted Olivia's name as he ran to gave her a hug.It's these moments that make Walter such a nuanced and beloved character, despite all his faults, his love for the people he cares about always shines through.

Peter and Olivia have came a long way from the people we've known. Its not apparent at first glance, they seem the same as the past Peter and Olivia we knew and yet their characters have developed. Both seem more confident and self-assured in the future. The moment where Olivia used her telekinetic abilities was a great indicator of this as it showed us she had conquered her fears and learned to control her ability, something that past Olivia hadn't accomplished yet. Peter too, despite living with the knowledge that he destroyed the other universe, seems a calmer individual, determined to save his universe and the people he loves. It was great how he still stuck by Walter because he was his dad and it showed that Peter is not afraid to stand by those he loves, whatever anyone else might think.

I was shocked to see Walternate alive and running the terrorist group appropriately named "End of Days". It might surprise you but I understood his anger and felt sorry for him, at first anyways. He had lost everyone and everything he had ever cared about, his entire universe was gone and he had nothing left. It must have been horrific for him. Like he said he had his son stolen, his life stolen and ruined. The confrontation of Peter and Walternate was a great scene but nothing could have prepared me for what happened next.

The fact that the Walternate Peter was speaking to was a hologram was shocking enough, but when he left the van he was in, pulled out a pistol and killed Olivia with a single shot to the head, my mind was blown! It was so cold, so brutal and it was at this moment that I lost all sympathy for Walternate. Someone who could end the life of an innocent, so casually and brutally, despite anything that has happened does not deserve any sympathy.

The funeral scene happened pretty abruptly but it was none-the-less heartbreaking. Seeing Peter lose everything like that, his hopes, his future was awful and seeing everyone else in tears really sold how much they had lost from Olivia's murder. Her coffin being burned at sea was beautiful and it was the funeral the heroine of the show deserved.

To be honest, I was pretty confused by everything that happened after that. I'm still trying to comprehend Walters time-travelling theory, it was fascinating though!

The ending when the show returned to the present was intense. The last thing I was expecting was for the people from the other side to be brought over, though the face-off between Walter and Walternate was just epic. The confusion and fear in Walters face contrasted against the hatred and loathing in Walternates was just brilliant and John Noble's performance in this episode proves once again that he is one of the best actors in the business. 

The ending was just crazy, there's no other way to describe it. Peter disappearing was confusing enough, but the ending with the Observers was the icing on the cake. So basically Peter never existed? What does that mean for the show? What happens next?

I have so many questions, why did the machine bring Peter to the future? What happened to Broyles eye? How did he get back? How did Peter create a link between our universe and theirs? Is Peter really gone forever? Sadly I'll have to wait until next season to get the answers, but I am very excited to see where they go from here. Overall I enjoyed the season finale, it was slow in some places and didn't really kick off until the half-way point but with some great character moments and one hell of a cliffhanger season 3 of Fringe ended on a high note.

Review Score: 8.5/10

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Supernatural Season 6 Episode 20 "The Man Who Would Be King" Review

After Season 5 of Supernatural ended I honestly had no idea where the show was going to go next. They'd already done the Apocalypse, how could they possibly find a storyline that matched or exceeded something like that. For the vast majority of the season my worries seemed to be confirmed, while I still loved the show and the vast majority of episodes were great as always, there seemed to be no purpose or gravitas to the events that were happening. All the talk of purgatory, souls and a battle for heaven was interesting but there didn't seem to be an overall purpose to anything. I didn't particularly like the idea of a big battle with Eve at the end of this season either, there just seemed to be something lacking about the whole storyline with her. However this episode and the last episode have changed everything and tied every plot thread together in a way I had not expected leaving me very excited for the season finale in two weeks time.

I really enjoyed the opening of the show and Castiel's flashbacks on various moments in history, all the things he had lived through and seen. It showed us truly how momentous stopping the Apocalypse was and how it had changed everything.

The exploration of Castiel's motivations and character in this episode is fantastic. It was strange seeing him so conflicted and unsure of himself as the majority of the time he is calm personified. It's sad to see how far he's actually fallen over the course of the season, his pride and arrogance have corrupted his good intentions and although there is obviously still good in him, the darkness inside him is growing. As he said himself, its too late to turn back now, although he knows deep down what he is doing is wrong he cannot leave the dark path he has set himself on, he is too blinded at this stage by his mission and the power he could attain.

What is saddest about Cas becoming a falling angel is that he still cares about people and he wants to be good. Time and time again he tries to protect Dean and Sam, he clearly hates lying to them and his scenes with them show how much he does care about them. Like Dean says to Cas, he's like family, and you can see Cas feels the same about the boys. It's heartbreaking to see the Winchesters lose faith in him, especially Dean who believed in Cas when no-one else did. The scene between Dean and Cas was electrifying, I have always loved the relationship between the two characters and Deans speech to Cas, how he was like a brother to him was brilliant. When Cast rejected Dean and turned against against him, it is obvious that nothing will ever be the same between them again.

Castiels interactions with Crowley in the episode were priceless and by the way its great to have Crowley back, he's a wonderful villain who brings a lot of personality and fun to the role, his presence has definitely been missed! I especially loved him in this episode, the music in the background of the torture scenes was just genius and the never-ending line to hell was terrifying, give me fire and brimstone any day! He is just as great in the serious scenes though, we can see his intelligence as he appeals to Castiels pride and arrogance, knowing just what buttons to push to get what he wants. His hatred for the Winchesters also shines through when he loses his cool, Mark Sheppard is brilliant at showing us both the fun and dark side of Crowley and I have the feeling he has more planned than just getting half the souls of purgatory and I personally can't wait to see what it is! 

The relationship between Crowley and Castiel was definitely refreshing, Castiel is unmistakably disgusted with himself for working with someone like Crowley and there is an underlying tension in all their scenes, especially when Castiel threatens to kill Crowley, it's the first time I have seen Crowley look frightened about anything. It really underscores how much a threat Cas could be to the Winchesters, as Bobby so aptly puts it "It'd be like dealing with Superman turning to the dark side". Nevertheless, despite the tension between them, both characters work well together, their thirst for power is what unites them and both will stop at nothing to achieve their goals.

Raphael also looks to be a forbidding villain. He is a character that emanates power and control. I was surprised at the idea that he wanted to bring about the apocalypse again rather than rule heaven yet it just reinforces the fact that angels cannot deal with the idea of freedom. As Raphael says they are soldiers and they seem to need a purpose to exist, no angel could understand Castiels explanation that they were free now.  The prospect of a final confrontation between Castiel and Raphael is exciting for a number of reasons, the main one being we can see how low Castiel is willing to go to defeat Raphael.

I couldn't end this review without mentioning my favourite moment in the episode. The idea of a demon version of Bobby was hilarious and I loved how he bossed everyone around and insulted everyone just like our Bobby does. Even better was Cas walking in and wiping them all out, that scene really hit home how ruthless Castiel can be when he wants to be and that deep down he is still a soldier, like Raphael who will achieve his goals at any cost.

This really was an excellent episode of Supernatural, the action, the drama and the humor was all classic Supernatural. What really made this episode for me though was how it brought the entire season together and made all the previous episodes look better as a result as we now know Castiel was behind it all. The ending really set the tone for the finale, with Castiel begging for a sign from God and getting none, a sad moment which leaves him with no choice but to follow through with his plans.The only small problem I had with this episode was that it was basically set-up for the finale, but when the set-up is this good thats only a minor point! Having Dean and Sam oppose one of their closest allies was a masterstroke and I have a feeling that the finale of this season of Supernatural could be the best one yet!

Review Score: 9/10

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Thursday, 5 May 2011

Camelot Season 1 Episode 5 "Justice" Review

This might surprise people but I actually don't know much about the story of King Arthur. I know the basics, about Merlin, The Knights of the Round Table, the Sword and the Stone etc. but I have no idea how all these threads are tied together into the story of the rise of the King Arthur of legend. That is probably why I like this show as much as I do, I have no idea what's coming next so for me, unlike many others, I am experiencing the story of King Arthur for the first time which makes it that much more enjoyable.

The series so far though, while I have enjoyed it, hasn't captured my complete devotion, nor do I believe it to be a must watch, unlike Starz flagship title Spartacus. It's definitely growing on me though and I found this to be an entertaining episode as we get to know the characters better.

I really like the character of Sybil the nun, she acts as an anti-thesis to Merlin. While he teaches Arthur to lead in a noble and honorable manner, she shows Morgan how to lead through treachery and deceit. She is clearly devoted to Morgan yet undoubtedly has an agenda of her own. From previous episodes she also seems to have a deep understanding and knowledge of magic and I have a feeling she may prove more powerful than anyone realizes. Of all the characters on the show I find hers the most interesting as she has already proven she will do anything to get what she wants and she is intelligent and conniving, a fearful combination.

Merlin on the other hand, proves to be less interesting this episode. I enjoy the fact that they are exploring his character and that he is a flawed human being, but am I the only one who misses the old Merlin from the first few episodes? The man with a plan, who always seemed to be one step of everyone else? I definitely found those traits to be the most interesting aspects of Merlin and while I appreciate what the writers are trying to do, I hope we see the old Merlin back sooner or later.

The contrast between Arthur and Morgan in this episode was fascinating. Arthur continues to grow in the role of a king and he takes charge here, making his own decisions, the right ones, without Merlin's help. I've noticed that now when he talks, people always listen, definitely the sign of a good leader. He has become noble and wise and he is well on his way to becoming the king of legend. He's not even pining over Guinevere anymore (She herself proves to be more than just a love interest in this episode which is great to see). 

Morgan is also growing as a leader. There is a sharp contrast between the stubborn woman who believes she is always right at the start of the episode and the woman who realizes that her skills in treachery and manipulation will get her only so far and that she needs others to attain the crown. She reaffirms her ruthlessness and determination at the end of the episode but this is tempered by her growth as a character throughout the episode and her realization that violence alone will not get her the crown.

The growth of both Arthur and Morgan as leaders in this episode was engrossing and I for one can't wait to see the battle between them for the hearts and minds of the people of England.

Overall I found the story of the trial to be a good vehicle for the growth of both characters, even though it was obvious that Ewan, the character who's brother was murdered, was a shady individual with something to hide. What I enjoyed most about the story of this episode were the two characters themselves. While the story was predictable the characters of Ewan and Colfur the defendant made us care about the outcome of the trial and I'm sure many like myself wanted to see Ewan get his comeuppance and Colfur his freedom.

I thought the storyline of Morgan and Sybil was better though and I loved Sybil's machinations throughout the episode and Morgans scheming and plotting. Their aim of achieving the crown through manipulation and deceit is fascinating and I can't wait to see more of them in the future.

The ending of the episode was great, Arthur's confrontation with Ewan, and Morgan's murder of the mercenary symbolised their contrasting methods of leadership and I'm looking forward to seeing the two leadership styles clash in upcoming episodes.

Despite all the positives I did have a few problems with this episode. Despite how fascinating the character development was, there wasn't much action or excitement and I hope they can find a better balance between both in future episodes. I also didn't particularly enjoy Merlin's role in the episode and his kiss with Igraine seemed forced. Despite these flaws though this was a good episode that did a great job in developing the characters.

Review Score: 8/10

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South Park Season 15 Episode 2 "Funnybot" Review

I have to admit, I love South Park. It's one of my favorite comedies and it rarely fails at making me laugh. I love its crazy storylines and its shameless parody of real life events. Sadly though this is one of the worst South Park episodes I have seen in a long time, and the vast majority of this episode was painfully and brutally unfunny.

The comedy awards show at the beginning was definitely the lowest of a number of low points in this episode. For about six minutes I cant remember smiling even once, something I can never recall happening while watching South Park. The first time I actually laughed in this episode was when Cartman was talking about the last people the Germans pissed off and referring to Kyle. Classic Cartman quote and sadly the one bright spot in "Funnybot". Things improved slightly as the episode went on, which isn't saying much as this was as mediocre as South Park has been in a long time.

A few portions of the episodes made me smile, namely Funnybot going crazy and attempting to kill everyone, and Token's inability to stop paying Tyler Perry to make jokes. That's about it. The Tyler Perry gags excepting the Token one were just annoying and the Comedy Awards was just terrible throughout. Even Funnybot ended up not being very funny. The easiest way to review a comedy episode is to gauge how much it made me laugh. This episode failed at every level in that regard. Lets hope Trey and Matt can produce some of their usual comedy genius in next weeks episode.

Review Score: 3.5

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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

How The Review System Works

The reviews that I publish will have a score system which is fairly common on many sites. The scale will be on 1-10. 1 indicates the worst of the worst, a truly awful episode of television, while a 10 indicates not perfection, but a truly great piece of television that has you on the edge of your seat throughout. The scale will go up in .5 so an episode could be rated a 7.5, 8, 8.5 etc.

I am also planning to compile a score based on the reviews of a number of well known websites on the episode.


Hi everyone. For years I have dreamed of being a critic, of novels, of film and especially of television. This is my first step in recognising that dream and I hope that people will enjoy the reviews and since I am new to this any feedback would be more than welcome. Thanks guys and enjoy!