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Saturday, 7 May 2011

Fringe Season 3 Episode 22 "The Day We Died" Review

Can I just start off this review by saying what the hell just happened? I'm still trying to get my head around this episode and the repercussions for the rest of the show. One thing I know for sure though, I can't wait to see what happens next!

I have to admit that I didn't find the first half of the episode particularly exciting though there were some great character moments here. It was cool seeing Olivia's niece as a Fringe agent and she had some good moments in the episode, I liked when she told Walter she couldn't remember much before all this began, it was in that moment that I began to understand the effect the destruction of the other universe has had on our world, not just on the universe itself, but the people. Ella has grown up in a universe plagued by terror and destruction, she can hardly remember that there was another life, a better life before it all began.

Walter had some wonderful moments in this episode. I really pitied him when I saw him in prison. Remembering how his stint in the mental institution had affected him and his fear of going back, it was horrible to see him trapped in a cage once again. I do understand why he's in there, and I know he deserves it after everything thats happened, but we know Walter as a bumbling, yet kind and gentle soul who despite his sins has done everything he could to atone for his mistakes and I couldn't help but feel sorry for him.

That's why I was delighted to see him released from prison. It brought a smile to my face seeing him re-experiencing things for the first time, his excitement on the swivel chair and his simple joy at eating a sweet again. Even better though was the human interactions, him asking after Astrid was touching and I loved when he shouted Olivia's name as he ran to gave her a hug.It's these moments that make Walter such a nuanced and beloved character, despite all his faults, his love for the people he cares about always shines through.

Peter and Olivia have came a long way from the people we've known. Its not apparent at first glance, they seem the same as the past Peter and Olivia we knew and yet their characters have developed. Both seem more confident and self-assured in the future. The moment where Olivia used her telekinetic abilities was a great indicator of this as it showed us she had conquered her fears and learned to control her ability, something that past Olivia hadn't accomplished yet. Peter too, despite living with the knowledge that he destroyed the other universe, seems a calmer individual, determined to save his universe and the people he loves. It was great how he still stuck by Walter because he was his dad and it showed that Peter is not afraid to stand by those he loves, whatever anyone else might think.

I was shocked to see Walternate alive and running the terrorist group appropriately named "End of Days". It might surprise you but I understood his anger and felt sorry for him, at first anyways. He had lost everyone and everything he had ever cared about, his entire universe was gone and he had nothing left. It must have been horrific for him. Like he said he had his son stolen, his life stolen and ruined. The confrontation of Peter and Walternate was a great scene but nothing could have prepared me for what happened next.

The fact that the Walternate Peter was speaking to was a hologram was shocking enough, but when he left the van he was in, pulled out a pistol and killed Olivia with a single shot to the head, my mind was blown! It was so cold, so brutal and it was at this moment that I lost all sympathy for Walternate. Someone who could end the life of an innocent, so casually and brutally, despite anything that has happened does not deserve any sympathy.

The funeral scene happened pretty abruptly but it was none-the-less heartbreaking. Seeing Peter lose everything like that, his hopes, his future was awful and seeing everyone else in tears really sold how much they had lost from Olivia's murder. Her coffin being burned at sea was beautiful and it was the funeral the heroine of the show deserved.

To be honest, I was pretty confused by everything that happened after that. I'm still trying to comprehend Walters time-travelling theory, it was fascinating though!

The ending when the show returned to the present was intense. The last thing I was expecting was for the people from the other side to be brought over, though the face-off between Walter and Walternate was just epic. The confusion and fear in Walters face contrasted against the hatred and loathing in Walternates was just brilliant and John Noble's performance in this episode proves once again that he is one of the best actors in the business. 

The ending was just crazy, there's no other way to describe it. Peter disappearing was confusing enough, but the ending with the Observers was the icing on the cake. So basically Peter never existed? What does that mean for the show? What happens next?

I have so many questions, why did the machine bring Peter to the future? What happened to Broyles eye? How did he get back? How did Peter create a link between our universe and theirs? Is Peter really gone forever? Sadly I'll have to wait until next season to get the answers, but I am very excited to see where they go from here. Overall I enjoyed the season finale, it was slow in some places and didn't really kick off until the half-way point but with some great character moments and one hell of a cliffhanger season 3 of Fringe ended on a high note.

Review Score: 8.5/10

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  1. hey great review!

    I loved the hologram too and seeing them all come together at the end was so cool. when peter disappeared and nobody noticed I was like wha...?

    You got me thinking about how Broyles lost his eye, they said something about Detroit, but when it wasn't addressed in that ep I thought we would never know, but thinking about it now, knowing Fringe they will address it. Oh the possibilities.

    There were some eps this season that were below par imo, but overall it has been great, with some truly mind-blowing moments.

    I so love the alternate universe eps with the red titles and fauxlivia really grew on me. The first part of the season with the Olivia's mixed up were some of my fave eps.

    Oh and I also thought the eps set in the past were great. Loved the titles with the casio/80's gamers music and the geek font. Genius!

    Nice writing dude.

  2. Hi thanks for the kind words I really appreciate it!

    The talk of Detroit was another question I had, I'm also thinking that's where Broyles lost his eye hopefully we'll find out what the story with it is next season!

    There were a few weak episodes this season, but for me Season 3 of Fringe was the best yet and I really believe its going to get even better!

    Everything about this alternate universe storyline has been great, it was such a great way to take the show and it gave Fringe a real sense of purpose especially in this season.

    The episodes set in the past were actually my favourite of the shows run, I thought Subject 13 was a great episode and the Season 2 Episode Peter is my favourite Fringe episode so far!

    I also grew attached to the alt-universe characters, not just Olivia but it was great having Charlie back even if it wasn't the one we knew, and I really liked the character of Lincoln too.

    Fringe is just getting better and better and I can't wait to see whats in store for us next season!