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Sunday, 22 May 2011

Supernatural Season 6 Episode 21 "Let It Bleed" Review

Supernatural set the bar high for the first episode of the two part finale. While slowly building up the inevitable confrontation between Dean, Sam, Crowley and Castiel we also got a heartbreaking resolution to the Lisa and Ben storyline to boot. I cannot wait to see how its all going to end up in the final hour.

What I love most about Supernatural is its ability to balance comedy, drama and action to near-perfection. Although this was a dark episode, there was some great humor to lighten up proceedings. Dean's reason for not knowing who H.P Lovecraft is was hilarious. Crowley as per usual is always good for a laugh, his kisses line at the end of the conversation with Dean was a typical funny Crowley moment, and if he does die in the next hour I'll be sad to see him go. As well as that we got the bookstore geek who is in a long-term online relationship and his priceless description of Castiel as a trenchcoat wearing guy who looks like Columbo and talks like Rainman. Its the shows ability to make me laugh as much as anything else that keeps me coming back for more.

Dean and his relationships were at the heart of the episode and once again Jensen Ackles is amazing as he makes us feel and understand exactly what he is going through. I could feel his anger and frustration as he struggled to deal with Lisa and Ben being kidnapped because of him. He's not the only one dealing with guilt though, Cas shows he still cares about Dean despite everything happening between them when he kills the demon who was about to finish Dean off and heals Lisa. You could see the sadness in both their eyes knowing that despite all that has happened they are still on opposing sides.

I really enjoyed the scene in the warehouse, it was tense, mainly due the fact that Lisa and Ben were expendable and I knew that if anything happened to them, it would haunt Dean forever. I didn't expect the ending though, I really felt for Dean after finding out he had their memories erased. He's lost so much in his life, his father, his mother, friends and now Lisa and Ben who don't even know who he is anymore. How he copes with it all I have no idea, and Cas who is like a brother to him turning on him is just another cruel twist in the sad life of Dean Winchester.

The developments regarding heaven kept the episode ticking along. Balthazar's face when Dean and Sam told him what Cas was really up to was great and his scene with Castiel up in heaven was just brilliant. Balthazar has always been a survivor and I knew and he knew that if he said he was against Cas he was dead. Thats what I'm loving about these last few episodes, they've really made Cas a legitimate threat who is ruthless towards anything that gets in his way. I'm glad the boys have an angel on their side anyways, especially one with all the weapons of heaven at his disposal.

For what was basically set-up for the big final bout between Cas, Crowley, Dean and Sam I really thought this was another great episode. We got a great resolution to Dean's relationship with Lisa and Ben and they really upped the stakes in the battle for heaven. With the possibility of half the world blowing up and some big deaths, heres hoping that the final hour of this season will be as fantastic as I expect it will be!

Review Score: 8.5/10

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