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Thursday, 5 May 2011

South Park Season 15 Episode 2 "Funnybot" Review

I have to admit, I love South Park. It's one of my favorite comedies and it rarely fails at making me laugh. I love its crazy storylines and its shameless parody of real life events. Sadly though this is one of the worst South Park episodes I have seen in a long time, and the vast majority of this episode was painfully and brutally unfunny.

The comedy awards show at the beginning was definitely the lowest of a number of low points in this episode. For about six minutes I cant remember smiling even once, something I can never recall happening while watching South Park. The first time I actually laughed in this episode was when Cartman was talking about the last people the Germans pissed off and referring to Kyle. Classic Cartman quote and sadly the one bright spot in "Funnybot". Things improved slightly as the episode went on, which isn't saying much as this was as mediocre as South Park has been in a long time.

A few portions of the episodes made me smile, namely Funnybot going crazy and attempting to kill everyone, and Token's inability to stop paying Tyler Perry to make jokes. That's about it. The Tyler Perry gags excepting the Token one were just annoying and the Comedy Awards was just terrible throughout. Even Funnybot ended up not being very funny. The easiest way to review a comedy episode is to gauge how much it made me laugh. This episode failed at every level in that regard. Lets hope Trey and Matt can produce some of their usual comedy genius in next weeks episode.

Review Score: 3.5

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  1. For real? I was at the point where Cartman speaks German with those German guys and paused so I could search online for a translation. Apparently you can tell one of my bad habits is getting sidetracked during any search attempt. But I guess it's worth reading your review, I'd stop at where I left off.