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Saturday, 21 May 2011

South Park Season 15 Episode 4 "TMI" Review

Now that’s more like it! This is the South Park we know and love, crass, crude and hilarious. This episode had so many great moments and had me laughing every minute. It’s no coincidence that the return to form coincides with the return of Butter and Randy, two of my favourite characters in the show. We also get to see Cartman back to his twisted best and with a great story to boot no South Park fan could ask for more.

Butters gets us off to a great start with a timely joke about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s marital woes, and as a big fan of Terminator I thought that whole scene was just brilliant. The story itself reminded me a lot of the episode “The List” where the girls judged how good looking the boys are, which is coincidentally one of my favourite South Park episodes, yet this story differs enough to make it unique. Trust Cartman to think that the school would actually put penis sizes on the wall for everyone to see, it’s great to see it backfire on him though, especially after his “revised list”. I was literally laughing for ten minutes when Cartman said his was over thirteen inches, sheer brilliance as was Butters conversation with his penis trying to coax it out. The whole scene was just surreal and absolutely brilliant.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better we get that scene with Cartman at the psychiatrist. As funny as it was seeing the physiatrist calling Cartman a fat f**k even better was Cartman’s response. I didn’t even notice the reference to Mitch Connor at first, I was laughing so hard and when I did remembered I was laughing even harder. Cartman at his very best.

Oh Randy, could I love you any more? The man is just a hero. Only he would ask did the children measure from the balls or the shaft. The image of him standing there in his brown jacket explaining to the kids TMI i.e. the actual size of the penis has me laughing even while I’m writing this.

I don’t know who the hell Wayne D is but I just couldn’t stop laughing when he started talking. It was great how they related the penis size back to Cartman’s anger management and only South Park could do that and have it make sense. Randy once again steals the show, his rant towards the chair and the resulting carnage he causes along with Cartman and the rest of the anger management group was fantastic to watch, when this show is firing on all cylinders there really isn’t any other show that can beat it. I loved that little moment with Butters; I nearly cried laughing seeing him trying to measure himself with a protractor.

The ending was great, not for the first time this episode I was dying with laughter. The squad getting ready to f**k Kyle, the psychiatrist being scared s**tless of Cartman and the resolution with Randy’s great little musical number and Cartman’s final line was just the icing on the cake. What a fantastic episode this was, I can’t remember laughing this much at South Park in ages, without a doubt the King has returned!

Review Score: 9/10

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