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Sunday, 15 May 2011

South Park Season 15 Episode 3 "Royal Pudding" Review

Well that was disappointing. After the dud episode last week I was really hoping that Trey and Matt would come out all guns blazing and remind us why South Park is still one of the funniest shows on air today. Sadly this isn’t the case and while I will say this episode was a bit better than last week, that’s not really saying much.

It’s difficult not to smile at the kindergartners in any situation and at first the song about tooth decay that they sang was cute, after the fourth time it was just annoying.

I honestly thought I’d enjoy the royal wedding South Park style more than I did. Sure I smiled a little at the commentators reporting of the event and the Canadian wedding tradition, but that was about it. The only part of that sequence I found funny at all was the royal pudding spilling, that was one of the very few times I laughed during this episode.

Besides a load of Canadians going crazy and killing themselves, the Eskimo racism and the final wedding scene which I won’t spoil as it is both shocking and hilarious, the Canadian storyline was very underwhelming. The reveal that tooth decay was behind the kidnapping was just stupid and the way they ended up killing it even more so. I personally love crazy South Park endings; I’m the kind of person who thought metrosexuals actually being crab people was hilarious! This resolution was just stupid though even by South Parks standards and I didn’t find it funny at all.

What redeemed the episode a little in my eyes was Mr Mackey. I thought his rants towards Kyle and the kindergartners were great, especially the one in the classroom, Cartmans little laugh at Kyle there was priceless, Cartman was sorely missed in this episode! Also Mr Mackey blaming him for everything was very funny; the constant abuse of Kyle seems to be a running theme so far this season, more so than any of the preceding seasons. While it’s funny for now it’ll run out of steam if they do it every episode.

South Park is definitely missing something though and I think I know what it is. None of the episodes have focused on our four main characters; we’ve barely seen Stan or Kenny thus far. Cartman, the undoubted star of South Park has been criminally underused in the last two episodes. We’ve also only had rare glimpses of other fan favourites like Butters, Mr Garrison and Randy, characters who I have sorely missed so far this season. The sooner the show brings the focus back to the boys and the characters we love the most the better for everyone because these last two episodes have shown South Park at its worst and we all want to see South Park at its best. Let’s hope that next weeks episode will reaffirm that South Park still has its sense of humour.

Review Score: 4/10

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